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Proof of service of the document instituting the proceedings in the case of enforcement notices

In the case of German enforcement notices, the Swiss court must be provided with proof of proper service of the order for payment on the debtor. The service of the previous order for payment noted on the enforcement notices is only prima facie evidence, which the debtor can refute by submitting an extract from the civil register. In addition to the service of the order for payment certified by the court (without which no enforcement order would have been issued), the only evidence is the check at the relevant residents' registration office as to whether the debtor actually resided at the specified address at the specified time.

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Grundsätzlich kann man zunächst einmal jede Forderung in der Schweiz der Betreibung (Vollstreckung) zuführen. Dies ist vergleichbar mit der Einleitung eines Mahnverfahrens in Deutschland...

Contrary to various statements to the contrary that can be found on the Internet, enforceable decisions of German courts on child support, spousal support or separation maintenance are in principle enforceable in Switzerland under the so-called Lugano Convention (Convention on Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters), there Art. 32 et seq.

Das Einsichtsrecht Dritter in das Betreibungsregister für Betreibung Schweiz erlischt 5 Jahre nach Abschluss des Betreibungsverfahrens...