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About Us

Nicole-Denise Fassbender

Attorney at law and mediator

  • Admitted to the bar since 2002

  • Initially employed as in-house lawyer with focus on contract and insurance law.

  • Admitted to all local, state and higher regional courts in the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • Also admitted to the courts in Switzerland.

  • Carries out debt collection throughout Switzerland.

  • Certified mediator since 2009.

  • In 2012 training as a teaching trainer Mediation BMWA®.

Attorney Nicole-Denise Faßbender is probably one of the most experienced attorneys in the field of enforcement of European and especially German court decisions in Switzerland. In this area she has already accompanied more than 1000 proceedings.
Nicole-Denise Fassbender has been a lawyer for more than 20 years and has since worked in her own law firms, which she currently runs in Meilen (Zurich) and Constance together with her husband, Dr. iur. Marcel Fassbender. Nicole-Denise Fassbender is admitted to practice before all German District, Regional and Higher Regional Courts. In addition, she is registered in Switzerland on the list of attorneys-at-law pursuant to Art. 28 BGFA and can therefore represent parties before judicial authorities in Switzerland on a permanent basis. She is a member of the Freiburg Bar Association.

Ms. Fassbender is a proven expert in the enforcement of claims that have been established (titled) in Europe, but primarily in Germany, and are directed against debtors whose domicile is in Switzerland or who have assets (including income from wages) in Switzerland.

In several hundred proceedings, she has successfully helped her clients to enforce their justified claims, in some cases claims that had not been pursued for many years. The focus of her work is on the enforcement of such claims within the framework of the usual debt collection or attachment proceedings in Switzerland, the subsequent so-called legal opening proceedings, the bankruptcy opening proceedings and all other related activities. 

Ms. Faßbender is a specialist in the Lugano Convention (LugÜ) and the Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Act (SchKG).

In this regard, Attorney at Law Fassbender offers the competence to overcome the not always easy aspect of cross-border enforcement of claims for her clients in a cost-optimized and professional manner. As a lawyer admitted to the bar in Germany and Switzerland, she supports, among others, many German law firms which, for both professional and purely legal reasons, cannot offer the enforcement of such claims against debtors in Switzerland.

Her clients include not only lawyers, private individuals and SMEs, but also job centers, ARGE, police authorities, corporations, associations, cities, municipalities, health insurance companies, associations of panel doctors, administrative authorities, banks, savings banks, insolvency administrators, insurance companies, housing associations, collection agencies and many more.

Claims that Ms. Fassbender enforces include contractually owed payment claims, alimony claims, salary claims, rent arrears, personal and bank loans, fee notices, claims for damages, cost assessment orders, applications for the insolvency table, attorney fees, medical bills, etc.

At the same time, Nicole-Denise Fassbender is a qualified mediator.

Together with Dr. Marcel Fassbender, attorney at law, she conducts mediations in all conceivable constellations, in particular business mediations.